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Terms and conditions


These provisions are intended to regulate the use of electronic sales services of different goods and services offered by TEC ITALY, which operates the Internet from its website www.tecitaly.eu selling cosmetics.

The clauses are listed below form the framework contract that all users accessing the page www.tecitaly.eu are required to know and accept. For the purposes only of the general conditions, the term "user" includes any Internet user who accesses the website www.tecitaly.eu, either directly, either from any other website.

The services offered by NATTURA LABS EUROPE on this website shall be governed by the conditions contained in this contract. NATTURA LABS EUROPE reserves the right to change, wholly or partially, these general conditions continue to apply the new agreed upon from the moment of its publication in the page. In any case, these changes will not have retroactive effects on the goods or services already previously contracted by users.

These Terms are binding on both parties and are integral and inseparable part of the sales contract which effectively operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the client, through contracting mechanisms will be specified later, all in accordance with the provisions of art. 1255 of the Civil Code which enshrines the principle of autonomy and agreements between the contracting parties. For all purposes shall mean that you accept the conditions and rules of use related here from the moment you place an order.

NATTURA LABS EUROPE makes every effort within its means to provide the information contained in the web www.tecitaly.eu is accurate and no typographical errors. In the case that at some point there are any error of this kind at all times to the will of NATTURA LABS EUROPE, there would be corrected immediately. If there is a typographical error in any of the displayed prices and a client has made a purchase decision based on that error, NATTURA LABS EUROPE will notify the client of the error and the customer is entitled to cancel the order at no cost to you.

The web contents www.tecitaly.eu could sometimes show provisional information on the nature of some products. Although NATTURA LABS EUROPE will do everything in their power to ensure that the delivered product corresponds exactly in all respects to the one offered in our catalog, minor variations may occur in the specifications, package contents, colors or design, caused by continuous changes that the manufacturers submit their products, variations that enabled the buyer to terminate this contract.

No agent, dealer or representative of TEC ITALY has authority to vary these conditions unless authorized in writing by TEC ITALY


NATTURA LABS EUROPE established in López de Neira, 3 Ofc. 301 - 36202 Vigo (PONTEVEDRA) CIF: B27768647 electronic sales online at their website http://www.tecitaly.eu. They can be contacted through the above address or via email info@tecitaly.eu .

The address for claims indicated as correspond to the registered office of the company.


The General Conditions governing the procurement of products and services offered by NATTURA LABS EUROPE and advertising to your clients / customers, all through their website, and the rights and obligations of the parties arising from sales transactions concluded between thereof.


NATTURA LABS EUROPE, pursuant to the provisions of art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, through its website and these General Conditions, enables access by electronic means of a permanent, easy, direct access to comprehensive information on its name (data tax, registration, address and communications), as well as customer data, exclusive access to it, held by the company.


The user of the website NATTURA LABS EUROPE entitled to free access to public information contained in it, although NATTURA LABS EUROPE reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and special offers to its registered customers.

The public information contained in the website referred NATTURA LABS EUROPE both the company and to the brands, products, logos, etc ... of wholesalers and manufacturers of products and services offered are protected by the laws on intellectual property, so it is not granted to copy, transfer, assignment, sale or use by the customer outside the advertising purpose virtual publication that do not have the express consent of NATTURA LABS EUROPE the product manufacturer or the holder of trademarks and logos on the terms provided in Section 15 Rights of Intellectual Property.

In order to place orders on the website to provide each client NATTURA LABS EUROPE voluntarily and at your own risk their personal data. All personal data provided by customers of any fraudulent or false can be considered as a crime of falsification of commercial documents.

NATTURA LABS EUROPE may offer the customer a personal registration system through an email and password to facilitate future customer purchase transactions. In this case, the customer can designate your desired password criteria.

The client undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of your own password. NATTURA LABS EUROPE is exempted from any liability arising from improper use or negligence by the customer in fulfilling their duty of confidentiality of their passwords.

To carry out an order or reserve store NATTURA LABS EUROPE not need to be registered on the web.


The prices shown include VAT and are valid for the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Prices do not include shipping costs or, where applicable, COD. The prices shown are valid except typing error and stocks. NATTURA LABS EUROPE reserves the right to change the price of goods without notice according to market conditions. Prices quoted in our catalog does not constitute an offer and therefore required to be supplied at that price in all cases. Products are available for sale until stocks last. All sales are made with the corresponding receipt or invoice you receive with your order.